Mtoken Messaging Services
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Mtoken Messaging Services, a technology start-up organization focused on providing next-generation Value Added Services (VAS) using mobile platform. Mtoken is a simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective, next generation, mobile and SMS based software tool that enables Doctors to automatically manage appointments. Mtoken works as a virtual assistant/receptionist without much interaction from Doctors. Mtoken is aimed at providing highest level of comfort and convenience to both Doctors and their patients.

Mtoken is a location and time independent software tool that can be used 24x7 at any time from any place. The patient looking for an appointment sends an SMS from any ordinary mobile phone to the specified Doctors mobile number. Based on the request, Mtoken will assign the appropriate time-slot (a.k.a Mtoken) and sends back Mtoken to patients mobile through an SMS. Mtoken allows patients to request for appointment for today, tomorrow and the day-after.

Mtoken tool can be used along with the existing practice of Walk-In and Call-In patients. Mtoken integrates with the existing practice of the Doctors without any disruption. The tool is so simple that it can be installed and used with in no time.

Mtoken provides many more features for Doctors vis-à-vis;

  • Allows up to 5 variable locations or consulting hours

  • Allows to update Walk-In and Call-In appointments that enables to maintain a single scheduling / appointment e-Sheet

  • Set holiday notices in advance

  • Dynamically set out-of-clinic timings arising out of emergencies

  • Postpone scheduled appointments or clinic timings dynamically

  • Allows to inter change priorities between Mtoken and Walk-In/Call-In appointments

  • Cancel scheduled appointments with a few screen taps.